Saturday, December 26, 2009

The BEst Free Antivirus Form Indonesia - Smadav

I think Smadav is the best antivirus in Indonesia, the feature :

- Smad-Behavior (Beta), a new feature for the protection SmaRTP computer program based on behavior
- Clean thoroughly for 55 new local virus
- Completion of cleaning the virus more quickly SmadAV
- Added button "More" at the scanner
- Changing the folder name "Smad-Lock" to "Smad-Lock (Safe SmadAV)"
- Shipping statistics to the server, to prevent piracy SmadAV Pro
- Addition to explore the function of quarantine
- Fixed a bug in the file selection dialog when the virus by 1 user

you can download the lates version of smadav at 
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Enjoy Traveling

When planning your travels or buying your airline tickets, you have probably come across definitions and terms that might have seemed strange to you. Granted, many of the definitions and terms become more understandable as you become familiar with the industry as a frequent flier. While there are many terms for hotel room types, car types, and travel amenities, the area that we shall attempt to define would be tours.

Tour operators try to make their brochures and websites as attractive, informative and understandable as possible; however, in reading this information you will undoubtedly encounter some terminology that is new and unfamiliar. To assist you, here's a glossary covering some of the terminology you will most most frequently find in brochures, fliers, and on websites.


* Single Room: A room with one bed for one person.
* Twin Room: A room with two beds for two people.
* Double Room: A room for two persons with a double bed.
* Triple Room: A room for three persons, usually consisting of twin beds (or double beds, plus a rollaway bed.
* Ocean Front: A room directly facing the ocean. Usually it is on the first floor with a door that exists onto the beach.
* Ocean View: A room from which it is possible to view the ocean, whether the room is on the first floor, the 12th floor, or on a hillside.
* Service Charges/Taxes: Service charges are a fixed percentage automatically added to room and meal charges. The city, state or federal government sets taxes.

Air Transportation:

* Add-on Fare: The cost of air travel from a domestic city to another domestic city from which the tour/vacation package originates and vice versa.
* Baggage Allowance: The weight or volume of baggage that may be carried by a passenger without additional charge.
* Connecting Flight: A segment of an ongoing trip, which requires a change of aircraft, but necessarily a change of airline.
* Direct Flight: A flight on which passengers do not have to change planes, but may involve one more stops enroute.
* Non-stop Flight: Service between two points with no scheduled stop enroute.

Car Rental:

* Drop-off Charge: Fee charged by a car rental company to defray the cost of returning the vehicle to its original location.
* Value Added Tax (VAT): Tax imposed by governmental authority.

Charter Travel:

Thanks to improved Federal regulations and a new generation of operators, air charters have become the preferred way to reach many of the world's most popular vacation destinations for reasons of value and convenience. Here's how they work: The tour operator rents an airplane and sells the seats, often in combination with a hotel package and perhaps other ground components. The result is a substantial savings.


* Force Majeure: An event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled (such as storms or war).

Consular Information Sheets: Governments issue Consular Information Sheets for every country of the world. They include such information as location of the U.S. embassy or consulate in the subject country, unusual immigration practices, health conditions, minor political disturbances, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug penalties. If an unstable condition exists in a country that is not severe enough to warrant a Travel Warning, a description of the condition(s) may be included under an optional section entitled Safety/Security.


* Passport: An official government document certifying identity and citizenship and granting permission to travel abroad (overseas).
* Visa: An official authorization appended to a passport permitting travel to and within a particular country.

Escorted Tours:

The most traditional tour product is also the most misunderstood. The options are so varied that it's easiest to identify the few elements they share: Group travel, usually by motor coach but sometimes by ship, or train; a set itinerary, with lodging, activities, and most meals included and a tour director to coordinate, guide, and manage the trip. Traveling on an escorted tour provides a measure of security and peace of mind. And today, more tour operators build in free time on group tours, giving travelers the best of both worlds.

Independent Travel:

There's no group on these trips, no guide and no fixed itinerary, unless the client wants one. The sole difference between this and fully independent travel is that by booking through a tour operator from its available inventory, your clients get the advantage of group buying power, without the group.

Package Travel:

Like group tours, packages tend to have fixed itineraries, with ground transportation and hotels booked in advance. But like independent travel, there's no organized group; clients are on their own, free to do as they please at each destination, but they still have the convenience and reliability that come with booking through a tour operator.

Public Announcements:

Public announcements (PAs) are a means to disseminate information about terrorist threats and other relatively short-term and/or trans-national conditions posing significant risks to the security of American travelers. The PAs are made when there is a specific threat that cannot be countered. In the past, Public Announcements have been issued to deal with short-term coups, violence by terrorists and anniversary dates of specific terrorist events.


A group of people traveling together who follow a pre-planned itinerary. Most tours include accommodations, a number of meals, sightseeing, land transportation, and/or other transportation, plus the services of a professional tour manager or escort who accompanies the group.

Travel Warnings:

Travel warnings are issued when the State Department decides, based on all relevant information, to recommend that Americans avoid travel to a certain country. Countries where avoidance of travel is recommended will have Travel Warnings as well as Consular Information Sheets. You may also want to review specific country Background Notes.

Vacation Packages:

Vacation packages are designed for those traveling independently. They include a combination of two or more travel services (e.g. hotel accommodations, car rental, air transportation) that are offered at a package price. Many vacation packages offer a choice of components and options, thereby enabling you to customize the package to your tastes, interests and/or budget.


Documents issued by tour operators to be exchanged for accommodations, sightseeing and other services.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

U.S. Embassy, Jakarta has a vacancy for a Mechanic (Plumber)

U.S. Embassy, Jakarta has a vacancy for a Mechanic (Plumber). The incumbent performs all aspects of the plumbing trade including installation, renovation, modification, preventive maintenance and repair, rebuilding machinery, equipment and components associated with piping and plumbing systems (including sprinkler, water supply and waste water treatment systems and an extensive range of large and small plumbing equipment for various Government held properties).

Qualification required:

   1. High School diploma is required.
   2. At least two (2) years experience in plumbing maintenance, repair and construction.
   3. Level II (Limited Knowledge) of English and Level III (good working knowledge) in Bahasa are required.
   4. Must have advanced knowledge of plumbing. Must be enthusiastic to learn new technology, understand all aspects of different plumbing jobs, and know how to fulfill and complete various job requirements in accordance with work plans.
   5. Must be skilled in the use of plumbing equipment, and be familiar with modern plumbing equipment and methods. Must be licensed to operate truck, forklift, utility vehicle and possess a common vehicle driver's license (SIM A).
   6. Must be able to manually lift up to 20 kgs, and be familiar with security and safety equipment

If you meet ALL the qualifications above, kindly send your application and updated CV via email (with no photo nor certificates attached) to

Please check out our website for other current vacancies at at Job Vacancies and please read “How to apply”
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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best Free Blog Hosting

Blogger is the best

All blogs start free. Just sign up and your account will be registered as a free account. You will have access to most of blogging and photo album management features. Only photo albums have storage and bandwidth limits. Photo album quotas are designed to accomodate moderate usage and were implemented to prevent abuse.

Diaryland is a free service and offers many features. The most fundamental of which is the ability to manage your blog through a web interface. You can protect your blog with password protection, so that you can determine who (if anyone) can read it

LiveJournal is a simple-to-use communication tool that lets you express yourself and connect with friends online. You can use LiveJournal in many different ways: as a private journal, a blog, a social network and much more.

Jablog provides free blog hosting with no ads, free RSS, some image storage (free but limited), stand-alone web pages, polls, quizzes, folders (with permissions), powerful control panel, totally template driven! offers free blog hosting. There is unlimited space and traffic available for each blog and 60 templates to help in the creation of the site.

Seo Blog is a free weblog hosting service which allows you to create your online publishing platform (blog, weblog) completly free of charge. Seo is an acronym for "Search engine optimization" - all free blogs are completly optimized for search engines, with article URLs consisting of keywords, which will highly improve your blogs search engine ranking possition.

Offers free blog hosting, no banner advertising. You can choose from more then 25 pre-designed templates, and also change the templates any way you want.
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Best Free PHP & MySQL Hosting offers free php & mysql hosting with 100 Mb data storage, 3 Gb data transfer, 1 MySQL database, 5 Mb MySQL database storage, 1 FTP account, advanced control panel and much more.

Provides 200 Mb data storage, 10 Mb data transfer, Ruby on Rails, SSI (Server Side Includes), SSL, control panel, no popups, FTP account.

You get 1500 Mb of space, 5Gb data transfer, live support & 24/7 ticket support, Linux Enterprise Operating Systems, FTP access. providing PHP / MySQL hosting, 200 Mb web space, unlimited data transfer, POP3 email accounts, sub domain address, FTP access, no maximum file size, no file type restrictions, no popups ads.

You get 300 megs of space, 80 Gb data transfer, no file size restrictions, POP3 email suppport.

This is a free Web hosting service that offers you 250 Mb data storage, unlimited transfer bandwidth, POP3 email support, no file size restrictions, instant activation.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cara Melindungi Blog dari Pembajakan - scrip agar artikel Tidak bisa di copy

1 . Login ke akun blogger kamu lalu masuk ke tab Edit HTML !

2 . Sesudah masuk tab Edit HTML selanjutnya cari kode di bawah ini :

setelah ketemu, paste kode ini dibawahnya

3. simpan

selamat mencoba.....
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Text bergerak atau berjalan sering kali dipakai di blog untuk membuat halaman blog lebih menarik. Kode program HTML nya simpel seperi dibawah ini.

kode di atas akan jadi seperti di bawah ini :

Welcome ..... Selamat Datang

Kode HTML ini akan membuat tuliasan bergerak dari bawah ke atas. Ganti up dengan down untuk bergerak turun, left untuk ke kiri dan right untuk gerakan kekanan. scrollamount untuk mengatur kecepatan, width dan height untuk mengatur lebar dan tinggi area text.


Ikut Aku - Aku Ikut


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